8 useful items to include on your D2 Welcome Page

Many users benefit from a well organized Welcome Page when they log in, but we can design a workspace that helps them quickly:

  • Feel comfortable in the new space
  • Get an overview of the system and its capabilities
  • Find a document
  • Get to the right space

The following D2 Widgets are options that your users may wish to have on their landing page:

1. Welcome and Quick Help Page

A short help page can aid users that are not always on the system.  This page should show the number of tasks you have, and link to common items like Browse, Process Tasks, Create New, and Import.

This page may also contain announcements.

The page can be written in HTML or JSP and should have links to the help documentation, training tools, and to people who can help for people who are just lost.

2.  Quick Search

Adding the quick search at the very top of the page makes it easy for people to get to work finding a document right away.

This is ideal when it brings the user to the document list widget with facets shown.

3. My Searches

We generally create several query forms and saved searches for our customers.  By providing the My Searches widget, users can quickly get to those searches to find their documents.

The power of the saved searches lies in the ability to create lots of search capabilities after a project has started.

4. My Favorites

When users work on the same set of documents, the My Favorites widget is an excellent place to start.

5.  Task Browser

By quickly seeing a summary of all the tasks that are waiting, the user can determine whether they should perform those tasks right away.

6. Status Report

For some users, the first thing they want to do every day is to run a status report that summarizes:

  • New documents
  • Workflow status
  • Documents in my queue
  • Documents due to be reviewed in the next 2 months
  • Stale documents

By providing a status report that is run automatically on login, users can quickly see the health of the content system.

7. Business Specific Query Form

Every D2 implementation is unique, so query forms provide a way to ask users for specific attributes to be used in a specific query.

Seeing an established and recognizable form front and center upon login) helps users immediately feel at ease with the system.

8. Highly Targeted D2 Custom Widget

For some implementations, the out-of-the-box widgets are not enough.

Similar to #1, the Welcome and Quick Help Page, we can do the following:

  • Provide Tasks information
  • A link to create a new document
  • A link to import a documents
  • Links to other widgets, reports, queries, or tools

Additionally, we might:

  • Provide an integration with another system
  • Present graphical illustration of the documents, lifecycles, workflows, or relationships
  • Use other tools to present information about the repository, such as other javascript libraries, graphs, or user interfaces

Additional Helpful Hints

  1. When we define the Welcome Page, it should be set up as the leftmost View so they see it right away.
  2. Users that no longer want to start on the Welcome Page, can create an intelligent link that brings them to the Browse or Tasks view.
  3. Users can still personalize the workspace to add and remove components that are applicable to them


Question:  What have you used for your welcome page?


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